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Capturing high-quality information about leading green technologies, environmental best practices, GHG emissions, water and waste management is becoming more important to companies wanting to improve energy efficiency and demonstrate their environmental leadership.

Whether sustainability is designed into the construction of a new built environment or tailored for greening an existing facility, we believe that a sustainably designed and managed building can enhance a company’s reputation, attract and retain tenants, enhance employee well-being and productivity, and increase human security. Impact Energy delivers a broad approach to environmental sustainability without sacrificing straightforward solutions.

Our enthusiastic and caring team confidently leads our clients through each stage of their sustainable evolution. We’re greening the world, one building at a time.

Our People

With decades of diverse environmental experience, the professionals in Impact Energy’s team share a forward-thinking approach to benchmarking in ecology, social communities and environmental design.

We generate big ideas and have the technical capacity to efficiently bring these ideas to life. We have the skills needed to help organizations reduce their environmental and carbon footprint. At Impact Energy, we understand how even small design changes can affect a building’s environmental impact, project budget, LEED® certification achievement and other building systems.

Our multi-diciplinary team is committed to using our knowledge of current technologies, products and current trends to unlock green opportunities in building design and development. With the information, we develop a customized solutions that work for you.

Our team is passionate about the planet. We provide a new sustainable perspective to the world.

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Large independent energy services company.
Industry Leader -- Experience going back over 12 years.
Large National Operations with significant experience.
Strong performance track record.
Significant private/public sector facility experience.
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